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Over 20 years of Experience in the Business Analysis, Project Management, Process Optimizing and IT-Landscaping area are boiling down to our overwhelming track-record of projects implemented within budget and time. Our clients range from mid-size to Fortune 500 companies.

We stay on top of the fast-changing IT world to optimize our input into your Process and IT needs. We have no stake in ‘hidden office politics’ and are not influenced by ‘we have it always done this way’ narrow views. As a neutral third party consultant, we provide you with the best insight and solutions for your specific needs. 

Fields of Expertise

IT Landscaping

  • Cataloging grown IT infrastructure
  • Identifying error prone tasks
  • Optimizing future IT landscape

Process Optimizing

  • Analyzing de-facto processes
  • Aligning to management view
  • Optimizing final processes
  • Communication & Training

Business Analysis

  • Analyzing user requirements
  • 'nice-to-have' vs. 'must-have' functionality
  • functional specification document

Dominant P's For Success

I should have listened ;)

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Seth M., a founder of multiple, very successful companies told me once ‘…it needs 3 P’s to be successful with a company: People, Processes and Products!‘

It took me a couple of years, with a lot of sweat and some tears to understand what he meant. Since then, that’s the most important part for me to a successful company. 

We are sure, that you have a great product/service and if not, there are great companies out there to help you with that. We are mainly(!) focussing on the middle ‘P’ of this formula to success - the Process.

So, regardless if you have the best products or the best people, if your processes are not optimized, your company will not reach it’s full potential!

The Three 'P'

Process Analysis

Usually, the management of a company has a pretty good idea about what the processes and workflows should look like.

However, this is usually not what the ‘actual’ processes in a company are. Based on growth, employee turnover or just because of the years passing by, the living processes in most if not all companies do not comply with the optimal processes.

This first step is to find out the actual processes thru interviews of various areas/departments. This step virtualizes the flow of data and communication inside the company as well as to and from the outside.

Process Optimizing

Based on the visualized ‘as-is’ processes and communication ways, we identify the ‘missing links’ as well as the areas which could/should be optimized.

Those missing links will also be rated by us. That could be from ‘annoying’ to ‘very critical business risk’. This part alone is worth the whole project for most clients.

Using all the input we reflect the results to you and together we define the optimal process for your company. All of this is achieved with our state-of-the-art process visualization software.

Process Implementation

In the optional 3rd part we go back to your teams and start implementing the optimal process

That includes training of all involved stakeholders, producing RFI’s for supporting software if needed as well as measuring the results of the new processes including a second, fine-tuning session.

Unbiased Reflection

Get The Neutral View

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When a company grows, so does its IT landscape. During the years companies add great IT systems to their technical environment. And at the time, each single addition makes (hopefully) perfect sense. However, IT systems evolve too and after some years, not every system which was a perfect fit some years ago, still adds to the overall value.

Also, over time, there is a growing need to have ‘IT-island-solutions’ talk to each other so the information ball is not dropped over and over again – resulting in error-prone (manual) data repetitions.

And finally, stakeholders in IT systems might not be longer with the company resulting in left-over IT solutions which no one knows what to do with or how to replace. In other scenarios, stakeholders are emotionally attached to ‘their’ systems, even if there are better, cheaper and more efficient new solutions around.

Bluetelligence IT-Landscaping picks up all the systems and their interaction. Based on your optimal business process, we then identify missing interfaces or outdated systems and, of course, present you with a future IT landscaping and a plan and budget on how to get there.

As we don’t have any ‘stakes’ in the existing IT landscape and since we are not restricted by any in-company-politics, we are able to provide you with an unbiased reflection and perfect solution tailor-made to your needs.

Further Consulting

Business Analysis

Literally the ‘missing link’ between your business and the IT. Our in-depth knowledge of today’s programming languages combined with a great sense for business-needs helps us to provide the ‘translation level’ from the business requirements to the software development delivery.

Through interviews and feedback with the soon-to-be users, we gather all the ‘must-haves’ and ‘nice-to-have’ features and generate a functional specifications document with user interfaces mock-ups in a way your development teams understand.

Thanks to the clear communications between all involved parties, the success rate of ‘our’ projects is unparalleled.

Project Management

A good IT Project Management can make the difference between a successful and a failed project. Close communications with all stakeholders as well as managing project plans from milestones to single tasks is a must for today's project management.

We are professionals when it comes to either waterfall or rapid application developments and we know when to use them.

Our deep knowledge of the software life cycle helps us to bring your project to a full success, within the timelines, and within the budget.

Wow! That was fast...

How is this website made, and why should I care?

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

Does your Business Analyst or your Project Manager know how to program? Any language? Better, yet, one which still exists? Is this important?
Here's why we think it actually is important.

The Why

When it comes to business analysis or project management a lot of different skill sets are required: logical thinking, organizational skills, social skills, business know-how etc. A business analyst is supposed to translate user requirements into a language the developers can understand (you can see where this is going, right?).

In one of my roles - a global head of IT for a global bank -I had many business analysts and project managers. Some were good, other great. I also had developer teams and here is where it gets interesting: the BA or PM who knew how to develop software actually came out on top with higher productivity and efficiency.

If they know how a database works and what modern programming languages can do (and more important, what they CAN'T do), you will save yourself many forth and back loops between your developers and your business.

So, next time you are looking for a Business Analyst or Project Manager make sure they have some knowledge about modern software languages and database models - or better yet:
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...and what about this website?

The answer is easy: WE MADE IT OURSELF!

No, not the developers! Our Business Analysts, Project Manager even Process Analysts stay up-to-date when it comes to modern development languages, databases and cloud technology!

Responsive & Reactive Web-App

utilizing the latest cloud technolgy

This is actually more an App than it is a website. It does not need to travel forth and back to its server, to react on user input - hence reactive & fast. It uses Google Firebase Cloud Technology and https encryption

We will have more demos on how a web-app works and what magic it can do in our Sandbox. It's not always awailable as we close it from time to time, while we are preparing new demos. Check it out. There, we will demonstrate and test more visual reactive technology.

Sandbox is open - go have a look

Sorry, the Sandbox is currently closed. Please check later. Thank you!