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Over 20 years of Experience in the Business Analysis, Project Management, Process Optimizing and IT-Landscaping area boils down to our overwhelming track-record of projects implemented within budget and time. Our clients range from mid-size to Fortune 500 companies.

We stay on top of the fast-changing IT world to optimize our input into your Process and IT needs. We have no stake in ‘hidden office politics’ and are not influenced by ‘we have it always done this way’ narrow views. As a neutral third party consultant, we provide you with the best insight and solutions for your specific needs. 

Fields of Expertise

IT Landscaping

  • Cataloging grown IT infrastructure
  • Identifying error prone tasks
  • Optimizing future IT landscape

Process Optimizing

  • Analyzing de-facto processes
  • Aligning to management view
  • Optimizing final processes
  • Communication & Training

Business Analysis

  • Analyzing user requirements
  • 'nice-to-have' vs. 'must-have' functionality
  • functional specification document